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My coaches and teachers have been INVALUABLE to me, and I would NEVER have had the success I’ve had without them. After all, we are all in this together, and if some little nugget of knowledge I’ve picked up over my career can help someone with theirs, whether they’re in the early stages or have already begun working professionally, it’s my joy to share!

Sheet Music


Ever wonder what it's like to audition for a musical? Looking to get into the university of your dreams? Or are you a professional looking to take your auditions to the next level? I'll walk you through your goals step by step with individual instructions for marking up your sheet music, presenting yourself in the room, and how to begin and finish your songs so you can stand out from the crowd.


Musical Theatre is about much more than standing in front of people and singing. You have to tell a story. Together we'll walk through all the acting moments & physical beats of a song to make sure your audience is transported to a different world!


Building a repertoire of songs for audition or performance can be challenging for even the most seasoned performers. A lot of different things come into play, such as your vocal style, the stories you want to tell, and the type of performer you are as a whole. I'll help you find songs that complement your voice and your personality, help you choose the perfect cuts, and make sure your vocals are spot on.


There's only one YOU in the entire world. No one else can do what you can do. I'll help you walk in the door to your audition or strut your stuff on stage with confidence, knowing you're as prepared as you can possibly be. I'll be your mentor and personal cheerleader, helping your unique talents shine!


Find the perfect learning environment for you!


One on one coaching is my specialty. It’s coaching that’s uniquely tailored to YOUR individual needs, from the ground up. Having trouble hitting that note? We’ll work on some vocal techniques to get you there. Wanna know how to stand out from the crowd? We’ll pick a song together and build your performance piece by piece. Every week will be different, based on your current needs. I’ll even come directly to you! This is my most flexible and personalized option.


A 4 or 6 week workshop where once a week you and your classmates perform for each other, benefiting from watching me coach each person, and celebrating each other’s successes. Grow your book, work on songs you already love, or practice this week’s audition song in a safe, friendly environment.


One day workshops geared toward helping you take your main audition and performance songs to the next level, and offering up my own experience and insider information on what it’s like to be a Broadway performer.



You're already an amazing dancer, so why not up your singing game with this great workshop made specifically for dancers who sing!

We'll cover how singing auditions differ from dance calls, refine your audition songs to fit your voice and personality, and most importantly help you gain confidence in your new amazing skill by performing for your peers. You'll get immediate feedback and custom tailored coaching for your specific needs, as well as a few tidbits from a Broadway veteran. With classes geared toward professionals, pre-professionals, and kids, this is a great jumpstart to your singing career!

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"I am still learning"


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